Parks of Mountain Home

The City of Mountain Home takes great pride in our local parks.  We believe that a community that has accessibility to parks will have a stronger and healthier environment for all.  Mountain Home has a total of 25 parks each offering various amenities to accommodate the community’s needs.  The City of Mountain Home allows the opportunity for individuals to reserve a gazebo for special events including weddings and other special occasions.  Call our office today to inquire about the availability for your reservation, 208-587-2112.

 Carl Miller Park

Address: North 10th E. &  American Legion Blvd.

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Located in the heart of Mountain Home, Carl Miller Park is the prime location to hold a community event or gathering. This 4.8-acre park is filled with large trees and plenty of shade! An F-111 is on display showing our towns pride in our United States Air Force. Every September Carl Miller Park hosts Air Force Appreciation Day: A day full of activities, including a parade and a free community BBQ.

Park Amenities

  • Large Gazebo
  • Fireplace with Picnic area
  • Playground Equipment
  • Large Trees
  • Airplane Display
  • Public Restrooms & Porta-potties
  • Multiple active & passive areas
  • Power Pole hook-up
  • Water accessibility with attachments
  • Electrical Outlets along the outside of the cook shack & on the light pole


Legacy Park

Address: North 3rd E. & McMurtrey Rd

Legacy Park is one of Mtn. Home’s finest features! What was once an old gravel pit has been transformed and reconstructed into an exquisite 40-acre park to be enjoyed by all. One thing that makes this Park so special is the fact that is has partially been created through donations. Legacy Park is a great location to hold a wedding, a family BBQ or any other gathering.





  • Two gazebo areas
  • Softball Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Soccer Fields
  • Fishing Pond
  • Small playground equipment
  • Porta-Potties
  • Multiple active & passive open areas
  • BBQ Grill ( Lower Gazebo )
  • Electrical boxes (Lower Gazebo)
  • Wedding Chapel


Optimist Park

Address: NW Elmcrest & Marathon Way

This 40-acre park offers a wide spectrum of events. Optimist has one of the best motocross & BMX tracks in the state! There are plenty bleachers for spectators and tracks that offers a challenge to its riders. There is also a rodeo arena with chutes that welcome working ranch, 4-H groups, optimist clubs, and individual users. The arena is sanded and is groomed occasionally.The park hours are from 6:00am-10:00pm. All groups using the park must keep their animals in the arena and away from the bicycle and motocross track and off of all grass areas.

The park is divided into the following sections:

  1. Covered Picnic Area  4. Softball Fields
  2. BMX Race Track         5. Mudd Bogg Arena
  3. Moto-Cross Track       6. Rodeo & Riding Arena

Railroad Park

Address: Main Street

rail-4 rrpark1 img_0244

Located on Main Street in Mountain Home, this is the oldest park in the city. The Urban Renewal Agency and Parks & Recreation recently did a major facelift to the park installing a new walkway, picnic tables & a big clock. This park has recently been the home to the Crazy Daze Carnival and also the weekend farmers market and flea market.


Richard Aguirre Park

Address: 990 McKenna Drive






An 8.3-acre facility that offers many opportunities for fun and recreation, the park features 2 gazebos, which are a great place to hold picnics and other large events. Richard Aguirre Park is also home to the city swimming pool, which is open June through August. The park is a great place for kids because they love the playground equipment!


Skateboard area

Two gazebo areas
Toddler playground area
Horseshoes Pits
Swimming & Wading pool
Large playground equipment
Tennis Courts
Public Restrooms & Porta-Potties
Multiple active & passive open areas
BBQ Grill
Electrical boxes near horse shoe pits & large gazebo
Garden hose hook-ups on drinking fountain located near the large gazebo

EL Rancho Park

Located directly across from the Historic Mellon Hotel, this park was built on the lot where the historic “El Rancho” restaurant once stood for many years in Mountain Home. It was removed to make way for the new underpass that needed to be relocated & expanded.

This park is a beautiful entryway to our community and is a great place to sit at one of the many picnic tables and watch the traffic go by or catch a high-speed train passing in the afternoon.


  • Picnic Tables
  • Power Hook-Ups
  • Open Grass Areas
  • Day Parking

Neighborhood Parks

Basque Park

Address: South 3rd West & West 2nd North


This is one of Mountain Home’s Historical Sites. This small park has a historic handball court that was once used to play the traditional Basque sport of Palota, one of the finest courts in Idaho. The first Saturday in August the park hosts the annual Basque picnic which offers people the opportunity to experience the Basque culture and view the Basque murals.

Park Amenities

  • Historic handball court
  • Small Active & Passive Areas
  • Small Gazebo with 4 picnic tables
  • Power Pole Hook up
  • Trash Totes


Colonial Park

Address: Colonial & Paiute Drive

This 1-acre park sits right in the middle of Colonial subdivision. This park was open in the Spring of 2008, and is a great spot for your family barbeque or get together.

Park Amenities

2 Picnic Tables
No Electricity
No Water
No Bathrooms
Playground equipment (Swing, Slide & Climber)


Don Etter Park

Address: NW Wood Duck & 5th


This park was dedicated on September 18, 2006 to long time Mayor Don Etter. He was mayor from 1984 to 1999. He showed support for a variety of organizations, and donated items to the clubs and organizations that needed it. The park is 1.25 acres and sits on the edge of Patriot Subdivision. The local Lions Club, and local Mason Group donated money and helped pick the playground equipment that would be put in this park.

Park Amenities

Picnic Tables
Playground Equipment
No Water
No Power

Ridgecrest Park

Address: Gregory Lane

ridgecrest-pavilion ridgecrest-playground-equipment ridgecrest-water-wheel

Ridgecrest Park is one of our largest neighborhood parks in Mountain Home. The Park is a very long & narrow park that runs from South 5th West to Gregory Lane. The large Gazebo with picnic tables is located on Gregory Lane.

Park Amenities

  • Small Passive Areas
  • Waterfall
  • Creeks
  • Waterwheels
  • Playground Equipment
  • Large Gazebo
  • Walk Over Bridge
  • 6 Picnic Tables
  • Porta Pottie
  • No Water Hook-Ups
  • No Electrical Power

R. Claire Wetherell Park

Address: NW Pintail & NW Jerome Ave


This park was dedicated on September 18, 2006 to a long time public servant named R. Claire Wetherell. She has participated in multiple city boards as well as the City Council, and was member of the state legislation, along with much more. The park is .25 acres and sits in the middle of patriot subdivision. This small park is a great stop for a quick and simple function it does have a gazebo much different than any other that we have in the parks.

Park Amenities

Large Covered Gazebo
Picnic Tables
No Water
No Power
No bathroom
No Electrical Hook-Up
Playground Equipment

Rosewood Park

Address: East 12th N. &  Hwy 30

img_1636 img_1635

Located on the corner of East 12th North & Hwy 30, this park is nestled in a one-acre emergency water retention. It features playground equipment for small children and a large grassy area perfect for flying a kite or even playing a game of catch.

Park Amenities

  • Power Pole Hook-Up
  • Porta Potty
  • Playground Equipment
  • No Water
  • Pavillion
  • Trash Totes


Rolling Hills Park

Address: Corner of Julia & Kyle Street

This 1 acre park is a great quiet place for any function, come out with your grills for an enjoyable summer BBQ.

Park Amenities

  • 2-3 large covered picnic tables
  • No power
  • No water
  • No restrooms
  • Swing Set, Monkey Bars & Slide

Rolling Hills Park #5

Address: SW Camille Drive

This is a 1-acre park with playground equipment, picnic tables and lots of grass for the kids to run and play. A great location to have a picnic while keeping a close eye on the kids.

Park Amenities

  • 4 Picnic Tables
  • Playground Equipment
  • No Bathroom
  • No Water
  • No Power

Silverstone Park

Address: Silverstone Drive

In the subdivision of Silverstone lies this narrow      1-acre park that would be great for anybody looking to get away. Bring the kids out to play at the playground and read a book while keeping a close eye on the little ones. Enjoy the park with a free reservation. Sign up at the Parks and Recreation office today.

Park Amenities

  • Covered Gazebo
  • Picnic Tables
  • 2 Electrical Outlets
  • No Bathrooms
  • No Water

Stone Tree Park

Address: North 3rd E. & Stonetree Drive




Stone Tree Park near North Elementary is one of Mountain Home’s best little neighbor hood parks. Located at Stonetree and N. 3rd E., it is the perfect destination for a birthday party or a family event. The gazebo is usually stocked with 3-4 picnic tables.

Park Amenities

Large Gazebo
No Bathroom
Playground Equipment
Sand Volleyball Court
No Water
Trash Totes

Walking Path, Frontier Park, & Community Garden


Walking Path-The path is 2.6 miles of asphalt path for walking, running, or bicycling.  The walking path has become a popular spot for many people to get their exercise in for the day, along with their dogs; we just ask that if you are walking an animal please clean up after them!

Frontier Park-At the end of Grey Stone Loop and along the walking path is some really neat historical farm equipment. This is Frontier Park. Take your family for an enjoyable historical walking tour of all the farm equipment. You will see engraved signs outlining the complete history of each of the pieces of equipment.

Community Garden-With the help of our very own park crew, our community has the opportunity to join together to grow vegetables and/or fruit of interest. The area is planted with various fruit trees, and fruit bearing bushes such as  raspberries and blueberries.

The guiding principles of this garden is primarily food production, outdoor education and behavioral enhancement for troubled youth. In conjunction with Parks & Recreation and the Sheriff’s office, we need your help to keep out the weeds, the bugs, and vandalism so that we can help this garden grow.

Please feel free to stop by when your thumb is turning green to help keep this area a positive place for families to gather.

Go out and enjoy a great afternoon walk and see all of new developments on the walking path.

NEW, NEW, NEW-No tobacco allowed on park property

✤ Park Reservations can not be made online
✤ Parks are open from 6am-10pm from April to October
✤ DO NOT Drive on Grass
✤ No Glass Containers
✤ No Alcohol after 9pm. Alcohol only allowed with a park reservation
✤ Pets must be leashed & cleaned up after. This applies only to parks that allow pets
✤ Richard Aguirre Park does not allow pets. $300.00 Fine
✤ No Overnight Camping or Parking
✤ Park reservations have priority
✤ Keg permit is needed for any keg held on park grounds
✤ All neighborhood parks available for a FREE reservation