Parks of Mountain Home

Park Reservations
Most of the parks in Mountain Home have areas available to reserve for private gatherings and parties. Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis and must be made in person at the parks and recreation office.

New sign @ Carl Miller Park from Tom Hiler on Vimeo.

Park Rules

NEW, NEW, NEW-No tobacco allowed on park property

✤ Park Reservations can not be made online
✤ Parks are open from 6am-10pm from April to October
✤ DO NOT Drive on Grass
✤ No Glass Containers
✤ No Alcohol after 9pm. Alcohol only allowed with a park reservation
✤ Pets must be leashed & cleaned up after. This applies only to parks that allow pets
✤ Richard Aguirre Park does not allow pets. $300.00 Fine
✤ No Overnight Camping or Parking
✤ Park reservations have priority
✤ Keg permit is needed for any keg held on park grounds
✤ All neighborhood parks available for a FREE reservation